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The Great Irish Farm Tour 

The Great Irish Farm Tour is a passion project I have taken upon myself for the season of 2023, the goal of this project is to connect with other farmers in Ireland who are doing great things for the future of farming. As many of you know, farming is a very isolating career that offers little opportunity to raise your head and look at the world around you.


After 4 years working full time with Heather Hill Farm I have decided to slow things down and take some time to reflect and travel around the country connecting with other farmers while video documenting my experiences and sharing the content for free on Heather Hill Farm's YouTube channel. My hope is to connect, learn and hopefully grow from my experiences.

My goal is to meet farmers who are actively following their passion for real change in the future of farming. I hope that in working together we can highlight the need for change, highlight our strengths and struggles and learn from each other. If you think your farm life is something worth sharing, I would love to hear from you.

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