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About Heather Hill Farm

Farming Responsibly

At Heather Hill Farm we believe in a holistic approach with emphasis on meeting our ecological, social and economical goals. We aim to produce quality grass fed produce that improves the soil, adds value to our community and sustains the farm into the future.

About The Farm: About

Building Soil & Life





We believe in employing farming practices that will build the soil, improve habitats and leave the farm stronger and better for the next generation. We use planned mob grazing, integrated tree systems as tools to ensure the soil is as healthy and productive as possible.


Benefit to All

Our goal is to produce local food for the community. We want our customers to become our friends and come to the farm to see how their food is produced.

Making a Living

Our dream is to develop a system of farming that is true to our Irish context that is sustainable and can provide for our family.

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