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Grass Fed Lamb

100% Pasture Raised Lamb

Our lamb is slow grown moving onto fresh pastures daily on a holistic grazing plan. It is the pastures rich in variety and full of life that give our lamb a unique flavour and texture. 

The tenderness of the meat is due to the lambs diet and lifestyle. We pride ourselves on regenerative agricultural practices which are designed on the work of Allan Savoury. Over grazing does not exist at Heather Hill Farm and we are 100% chemical free in all of our practices. 

Our farming practices work with nature building soil and protecting our lands for future generations to come.

Lamb Boxes

At Heather Hill Farm our lamb is hung for 10 days and we sell lamb boxes in 3 sizes;

Large Box: 15kg (Whole Lamb);

2 x Legs both halved, Loin Chops, Cutlets, Fillets, Shoulder, Chops & Mince.


Regular Box: 7.5kg (Half Lamb);

1 X Leg Halved, Loin Chops, Cutlets, Fillet & Mince.


Currently sold out

Nationwide chilled overnight delivery available on all our boxes for an additional cost of €20. We can tailor the cuts to your desire if you're purchasing a whole lamb.

For more information on prices and cuts contact Cathal on M:0873942922 


For more information on our farming practices or produce you can find us on Youtube, Facebook or Instagram

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