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Heather Hill Farm Pasture Raised Eggs

Fresh Pasture Every Day

At Heather Hill Farm our flock of laying hens are moved onto fresh open pastures daily in the comfort and security of their custom built egg mobile along with their electric poultry netting for protection from predators. It is their quality diet of fresh pastures rich in a variety of plants and insects along with their active lifestyle that produce eggs that are richer in key Vitamins E, D and A as well as richer in Omega 3 fatty acids. You can really tell the difference in the flavour, texture and colour. A very high quality source of protein.

Organic Grain

We only feed our hens organic certified grains. Our feed program has been developed through rigorous testing to ensure our hens are happy, healthy and producing the perfect eggs.  Our eggs are hand collected every morning, fresh for our customers. 

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Laying Hens: Features

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Egg Sales

6 eggs - €3.00

12 eggs - €6.00

30 eggs - €14.00 

To place your order:

Call 087 3942922


*Your eggs are packed fresh from the coop and retain their perfect quality for 28 days

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