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Meet The Farmer

Cathal Mooney

My name is Cathal,


I was born and raised in South West Donegal.


I have a degree in BSc Design Technology & Education and after college spent some time in Australia but soon realised my heart was at home in Donegal. On my arrival home I spent many years working in the food sector in Ireland. I found myself questioning how our food is produced; how our animals are treated and the consequences of farming practices on our land. 


I always had an interest in farming but seen my father and many others in Ireland struggle to make a living from the land; yet at 29, working in my normal 9-5 job I found myself wondering…

Could I be a farmer in Donegal?

Could I build a farm from scratch on our harsh landscape?

Could I make it environmentally sustainable?

Could I produce quality local food?

Could I sell it to the local community?

Could I make a living?

Could I leave my job...

We will find out. 

Follow me on social media as I embark upon a journey to find a new way to farm, raising happy animals on fresh pastures, producing high quality food and creating a livelihood for myself along the way. Hopefully you might even want to buy an egg or two.

Meet The Farmer: Projects
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