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Pasture Raised Eggs 

6 eggs - €3.00

12 eggs - €6.00

30 eggs - €14.00 

To place your order:

Call 087 3942922

*Our eggs are collected fresh daily and retain their perfect quality for 28 days*

Buy Our Chicken

Fresh chickens are available from May 2021

We take pre-orders for our chickens all year round.

Our chickens are for sale at the following prices

Whole chicken 2.5-2.7kg €26

Half chicken 1.5-1.7kg €15

To place your order:

Call 087 3942922



Summer Wild Flower Honey

Our hard working bees collect the precious nectar all summer for us to produce this liquid gold. 

Honey Prices

250g - €8

To Order

Call: 087 3942922


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