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Heather Hill Farm Chicken

Pasture Raised Chicken

Baby Chicks

Our chicks arrive on the farm at one day old and are unvaccinated as we want to have no harmful chemicals in our produce. The chicks are tiny when they arrive so we keep them safely inside under heated lamps for the first 3 weeks. Their feeding programme is carefully planned and after week 3 we open the doors and introduce them to a lifestyle of fresh green Donegal pastures.

On the Pasture

Once out on pasture the birds are protected from the harsh Irish elements and predators in their custom made chicken tractors. The chicken tractors are designed so that the birds can be moved onto fresh pasture each day. This lifestyle, along with their organic certified feed means our chicken  has an unparalleled taste and flavour.

To find out more about our farming practices and our product life cycles you can find us on Youtube, Instagram or Facebook.

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Buy Our Chicken

From September to June our chicken is only available frozen from the farm shop

Our chickens are for sale at the following prices

Half Chicken 1.5-1.7kg €15

Whole Chicken 2.5-2.8kg €26

Call 087 3942922



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