Heather Hill Farm Pasture Raised Turkey

At Heather Hill Farm our turkeys are moved onto fresh pastures daily feeding on the best certified organic grains with a supplement of grit to keep their diet balanced. It is their diet rich in fresh green grass along with bugs and insects that give our birds meat that unique festive flavour.  

Price list

Small 11-13lb €70

Medium 13-15lb €80

Large 15-17lb €90

Hams also available form our pigs 

5-6lb €45

Christmas chickens available 3.5-4kg - €40

Early Harvesting & Happy Habitats

By nature turkeys do not like to be kept enclosed in small spaces so it is very important for us to have our birds harvested before the weather gets too cold. Our turkeys arrive in September and spend a couple of weeks in the broiler's warmth before getting moved onto fresh pastures daily in their custom built gooble-dee-go!! The google-dee-go offers our girls shelter and safety without them feeling stuck, they won't venture too far and will roost on it to sleep. We harvest our birds before the frost and keep them frozen fresh until it's time for them to be delivered oven ready.




Christmas 2019 was Heather Hill Farm's first year to provide the community with fresh, oven ready, pasture raised turkeys.


We were delighted to hear such great feedback and look forward to Christmas 2020.