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HHF Pasture Raised Egg Production

Add fertility to your soil and money to you bank account.
1 day training 
2 dates to choose from
May 6th 2023 or July 15th 2023


Join us for a 1 day masterclass on pasture raised egg production at Heather Hill Farm. You will experience first hand the systems used at Heather Hill Farm as well as learning all the critical information to bring pastured layers to your farm. If you are looking to get into farming for the first time or you are currently farming and looking for an additional profitable enterprise then this training will set you well on your way. A well run small scale Layer enterprise can add €20,000 to your bottom line yearly.


Areas covered include

  • Egg Mobile design

  • Winter housing design

  • Regulations

  • Animal health

  • Financial planning

  • Time in motion study

  • Egg collection data

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Predators

  • Egg packing considerations

Having spent the last 5 years refining pastured layers in an Irish context at Heather Hill Farm, we have designed this training with all the success and failures woven in, to give you a very realistic view of what is involved when it comes to time required, investment required, benefits to the soil and your land & the profitability of this enterprise. With pastured layers being one of the most profitable enterprises on our farm we formed this training into a one day intensive training to create the best value for our participants. The training will run on two separate occasions to give some flexibility the first training is available on May 6th and the second is July 15th.



Training runs from 9am-5pm, there will be a farm tour and lunch provided as well as tea and coffee throughout the day. The training is split between classroom and hands on, so bring materials for taking notes as well as boots and wet gear in case of poor weather.

Farm location, Heather Hill Farm, Brenter, Dunkineely, Co. Donegal  F94RW98

Training Cost: €120     

We are delighted to be working in partnership with the National Organic Training & Skillset for this training and they are offering subsidised rates on this training for eligible candidates, visit for more info.

Michael Rauch - Four Leaf Farm

"This training is easily the best investment I have made as I start my regenerative agriculture journey. Cathal has spent countless hours fine tuning his systems & methods and it's great to get this head start on my own projects. His breadth of knowledge and ability to articulate ideas & information made it really valuable. This was the first hands on experience I have had with pastured poultry, and it's given me a massive confidence boost. I really feel empowered to take on my own enterprises now. I would highly recommend this to anyone considering a pastured poultry enterprise of their own."
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