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HHF Starting A Farm From Scratch

Affordable ways to get a foot into farming.
June 1st 2024

This 1 day training is designed to aid you plan the steps to gain entry into the farming industry without becoming burdened with loss and risk.


Starting a farm from scratch can be a daunting experience with potential loss of investment. At Heather Hill Farm I have designed a model that requires low investment & crucially doesn't require owning your own land to get started. I would like to invite you to come along &  see the steps I have taken towards success in my small farming business journey to help guide you on yours.

Topics covered include:

Finding suitable land to farm

Choosing & building infrastructure (roads, sheds, animal shelters)

Designing your farm. (Keyline design)

(Yeomans scale of permanence)

Fencing (permanent & temporary)

Animal Habitats & Accessing Water

Integrating trees on your farm. (Silviopasture)

Holistic planned grazing.

Marketing & Direct Selling.

Livestock management skills.

Training runs June 1st from 9am-5pm, there will be a farm tour and lunch provided as well as tea & coffee throughout the day. The training is split between presentations in classroom and out on field learning on farm, so bring materials for taking notes as well as water proof boots and wet gear in case of poor weather.

Farm location, Heather Hill Farm, Brenter, Dunkineely, Co. Donegal  F94RW98

Training Cost: €120

*If mutable people from the fame farm or project wish to attend please email for better rates.


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