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Heather Hill Farm Woodland Raised Pork

At Heather Hill Farm our Pigs are free to rome through our woodlands and hill lands. Having endless space to root and forage allows the pigs to express themselves to their fullest. All this freedom give our pork an unparalleled taste and texture.

Early Harvesting & Happy Habitats


we harvest our pork in September and October. it is available fresh during this period and will be available frozen year round.

Pork Products

When we have fresh pork available we can ship next day delivery nationwide for €15 additional cost.

Christmas Hams 5-6lb €45

hams will be delivered frozen on Christmas week ready for defrost.

Large Pork Box €300

20x 6pk Sausage 400-450g

10x Bacon 450g

2x Pork shoulder joint 1kg

2x Ham/Gammon joint 1kg

4x Pork Ribs 500g

2x tenderloin fillets

Regular Pork Box €165

10x 6pk Sausage 400-450g

5x Bacon 450g

1x Pork shoulder joint 1kg

1x Ham/Gammon joint 1kg

2x Pork Ribs 500g

1x tenderloin fillets

For more info or to book your order simply email

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