Heather Hill Farm Woodland Raised Pork

At Heather Hill Farm our Pigs are free to rome through our woodlands and hill lands. Having endless space to root and forage allows the pigs to express themselves to their fullest. All this freedom give our pork an unparalleled taste and texture.


Early Harvesting & Happy Habitats

we harvest our pork in September and October. it is available fresh during this period and will be available frozen year round.

Christmas Hams

we offer 2.5kg (5.5lb) hams for €50, hams are deboned and will be delivered frozen just before Christmas.

Small Pork box

5x packs of sausage (6 per pack), 3 packs Bacon (454g packs), 1 ham (1kg) €60

Large pork box

10x packs of sausage (6 per pack), 5 packs Bacon (454g packs), 2 hams (1kg), 1 shoulder joint (1kg) & 1 pack of ribs (1kg) €150


breakfast box

5 packs of sausage (6 per pack), 2 packs of bacon (454g packs)

tray of 30 eggs - €50

Individual items

sausage per pack €6

bacon per pack €8




Christmas 2019 was Heather Hill Farm's first year to provide the community with fresh, oven ready, pasture raised turkeys.


We were delighted to hear such great feedback and look forward to Christmas 2020.